Write It Right: Defensible EMS Documentation DVD



Could your documentation stand up to a major lawsuit?


Defensible EMS Documentation shows responders how to write patient care reports that can help defend - or even prevent - lawsuits, complaints and QA nightmares.  EMS organizations nationwide have used this proven, easy-to-follow system to develop essential documentation practices that work in the real world.


Key topics include: 

  • Effective charting formats
  • Special considerations for minors
  • Dealing with patient refusals
  • Who is a "patient"?
  • Delays in care or access
  • Consent to treat - including implied consent
  • Assessing and documenting mental capacity
  • "Public assist" and "back to bed" calls
  • Documentation in multi-agency responses
  • Electronic documentation
  • DNRs
  • Confidentiality and documentation
  • Actual case studies - PCRs in court
  • Documenting dispatch
  • Can you change the chart?
  • And more!

 This video is nationally accredited for continuing education.


Bonus!  Each DVD comes with a bonus CD-Rom including:

  • Sample patient care reports
  • Learning objectives
  • Post-tests with instructor answer keys
  • Customizable presentation slides
  • Handout materials
  • And more!



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