Better Billing: The Ambulance Service Model Compliance Plan

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Ambulance revenues depend largely on Medicare. And getting your Medicare money requires that you run a tight ship, properly navigating all of the twists and turns of the Medicare program. The government also expects your ambulance service to ensure that its Medicare billing complies with all of the complex and constantly changing laws, rules and regulations that govern Medicare reimbursement. In 2003, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) issued its “Compliance Program Guidance for Ambulance Suppliers,” published in the Federal Register, in which the OIG made it clear that all ambulance services should implement formal compliance programs.

PWW's ambulance reimbursement and compliance guidebook, “Better Billing: The Ambulance Service Model Compliance Plan,” is a comprehensive guide to Medicare compliance for ambulance services. It will help you attack compliance from multiple fronts: a Model Compliance Plan, "fill-in-the-blank" policies and procedures, AmbuCAT* - the PWW Ambulance Claim Analysis Tool, and many more resources, all in the same clear, concise format of our earlier publications.

“Better Billing: The Ambulance Service Model Compliance Plan” includes the following features:

  • A complete, “ready-to-use” Model Compliance Plan specifically geared to ambulance services, following the OIG’s ambulance compliance guidelines;
  • The PWW Ambulance Claim Analysis Tool - AmbuCAT* - a unique program to help you conduct effective, internal claim reviews to identify issues before they become costly problems;
  • Policies on handling an audit or investigation – steps on what you should do if a Medicare or OIG investigator knocks on your door;
  • Over 30 compliance-related sample forms, policies and other documents, such as a staff Code of Conduct, a Compliance Officer job description, a Background Screening Policy, a Conflict of Interest Policy, a Policy on Credit Balances/Overpayments, and much, much more;
  • Copies of key compliance-related Medicare and OIG reference documents pertaining to the ambulance industry; and
  • An Internet resource list of important compliance-related organizations and websites – a “must-have” source for free information!

“Better Billing” is available in CD-ROM format. It includes a Model Compliance Plan, customizable forms and policies, spreadsheets and more. The CD-ROM includes all of these customizable documents in Microsoft Word format, so they can be easily tailored for your ambulance service, as well as our new AmbuCAT* software (which requires Microsoft Access) to enable you to easily perform effective in-house claim reviews.


To read the Detailed Table of Contents for this publication, CLICK HERE.


*AmbuCAT is a registered trademark of Page, Wolfberg & Wirth, LLC.