PWW Client Connect


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What is PWW Client Connect?

PWW Client Connect is an opportunity for new and existing clients of Page, Wolfberg & Wirth (PWW) to get PWW’s most popular services at one fixed monthly or annual fee. You pay a flat fee that covers all of the benefits included in PWW Client Connect.

How It’s Different from Traditional Legal Fees

Traditionally, every time you ask for legal or consulting services, the time spent by an attorney or consultant is tracked and then billed to you at an hourly rate.  Your monthly bill varies based on how much time your lawyer or consultant spends on providing you with services. For services covered under PWW Client Connect, you pay one monthly fee for most legal and consulting services* and your bill remains the same, regardless of the time spent.

PWW Can Help Your Business Every Day

PWW’s attorneys and consultants are EMS industry experts who have been in your shoes. We can bring daily value to your management team with insight and expertise on dealing with everyday coding and compliance issues, working with facilities and business partners, relating to your employees, winning new contracts and business strategy.


  • No Hourly Fees
  • Unlimited Phone and Email Consults with PWW Attorneys and Consultants
  • Unlimited Legal Correspondence on General EMS Compliance Matters
  • Three Agreement/Contract Reviews Per Year
  • Annual Ambulance Claims Snapshot
  • Copy of 360 Revenue Cycle Guide
  • Discounts on All PWW Compliance Assessments and Reviews
    • Ambulance Claims Audit
    • Revenue Cycle Management
    • Compliance Program
    • Clinical Documentation
    • Dispatch and Call Intake
    • HIPAA Compliance
  • Discounted Legal Fees for Services Not Covered by PWW Client Connect

Get Started Now!

*Restrictions apply. More in-depth legal issues such as litigation, disputes, and large research projects are not covered by PWW Client Connect™ and require additional fees. Detailed terms and conditions will be provided to all PWW Client Connect™ participants.