Education and Training

Speaking Engagements

The attorneys and consultants of Page, Wolfberg & Wirth are some of the most sought-after speakers, educators and presenters at EMS conferences, seminars and events nationwide. By blending humor with an important message, they deliver presentations that are consistently well received and among the highest-rated at EMS events throughout the United States.

PWW’s presentations address topics EMS professionals care about most - today and tomorrow.  All PWW's EMS law and management presentations include practical information that attendees can put to use immediately.  In addition, the majority of these presentations  have been approved for CEUs by the National Academy of Ambulance Coding.  General interest presentations are available for keynote or general sessions, as well as specific issues related to the following topics:

  • Billing and Reimbursement
  • Call Intake and Dispatch
  • Compliance
  • Documentation
  • EMS Education Law
  • EMS Leadership and Management
  • EMS Organizational and Business
  • EMS Provider Liability
  • Human Resource Management
  • Labor and Employment Law
  • Mock Trials and Courtroom Style Role Playing
  • Risk Avoidance and Risk Management
  • Strategic and Organizational Planning

For more detailed information on our presentation topics and fees, please contact Karen Kreider with questions or to schedule an event.

Onsite Training and Seminars

PWW Attorneys and Consultants can bring these programs directly to your front line and leadership staff with half day, full day, and multiple day seminars and instruction.  All of our topics can be tailored to meet your specific EMS agency needs, and you get the advantage of having our expertise available exclusively to your staff.  And, if our current list of topics is not exactly what you need, we can work with you to develop the program content that you want. 

The Attorneys and Consultants of Page, Wolfberg & Wirth work with PWW Media, Inc. to host stellar educational events and provide innovative compliance solutions for the EMS Industry.

PWW Media Conferences

abc360® is the National Conference on Ambulance Revenue Cycle Management and Compliance that is produced exclusively for ambulance services, EMS organizations, ambulance billing companies, and others with an interest in ambulance reimbursement and compliance issues. It features the PWW Executive Institute, a pre-conference event, geared toward the educational needs of EMS Industry decision makers.

PWW Media Products

PWW Media provides a full range of EMS Compliance Solutions - including books, manuals, compliance guides, video programs and audio recordings on important EMS topics, such as HIPAA, billing, compliance and more. These products have been relied upon by thousands of organizations across the United States for their educational, training and business needs.


Update and Hot Topic webinar series are provided to keep PWW Media’s constituents current on timely issues affecting their day-to-day EMS operations.


NAAC® represents the industry’s “Gold Standard of Excellence” in compliance, ethics and integrity in all facets of ambulance billing and coding. It offers an on-line certification program, as well as two on-site certification programs that are held in conjunction with the abc360® Conference and the PWW Executive Institute.