Education and Training

Speaking Engagements

The attorneys and consultants of Page, Wolfberg & Wirth are some of the most sought-after speakers, educators and presenters at EMS conferences, seminars and events nationwide. By blending humor with an important message, they deliver presentations that are consistently well received and among the highest-rated at EMS events throughout the United States.

PWW’s presentations address topics EMS professionals care about most - today and tomorrow.  All PWW's EMS law and management presentations include practical information that attendees can put to use immediately.  In addition, the majority of these presentations have been approved for CEUs by the National Academy of Ambulance Coding.  

General interest presentations are available for a keynote or general sessions, please find the full list below: 

Keynote/General Sessions

  • Doing things Right, or Doing the Right Thing? "The Ethical Action Test" for EMS
  • Hey, This Used to be Fun! Coping with Change in EMS
  • How Abe Lincoln Would Run Your Service: EMS Leadership Lessons from our 16th President
  • Polishing the Crystal Ball: PWW Look into Future of the Ambulance Industry
  • See the Future - and Seize the Day
  • Simple Advice: The Legacy of James O. Page

See below for a list of presentations pertaining to special topics: 

Billing and Reimbursement 

  • Accounts Receivable Management – How Well Should You Be Doing?
  • Applying Clinical Protocols in the Billing Process
  • Audit Bait: How Ambulance Services Get on Medicare’s Radar Screen”
  • Auditing Your Own Claims: Preventing Problems Before They Become Nightmares
  • Coding for Non-Covered Services: The What, When, How and Why
  • Dealing With Facilities – Payment, Documentation, Compliance and More!
  • Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Origins, Destinations, Mileage & More
  • How to Prepare For – and Win – Reimbursement Appeals
  • ICD-10 Implementation – a Comprehensive Game Plan
  • In the Trenches Collection Strategies – What You Should (and Shouldn’t) Do
  • Properly Using Dispatch and Call Intake Information for Billing
  • PWW Medicare Coding Clinics
  • Real-Time Claims Processing: Legal and Strategic Considerations in “Time of Service” Payment
  • Sign Here: Understanding Medicare Signature Rules for PCSs, AOBs, ABNs, and More
  • Swimming With the Sharks: How to Get Your Money When the Patient’s Got a Lawyer!
  • The Fundamentals of Ambulance Billing and Reimbursement
  • This Year’s Medicare Billing & Reimbursement Update
  • Understand the Critical MSP Rules – When Medicare is the Secondary Payor
  • We Screwed Up on Billing – Now What?
  • What’s Up There? Billing for Air Ambulance Services
  • When Collection Efforts Fail: Using the Legal System to Get Paid
  • Write-Offs, Reductions, and Compliance: How Can I Adjust My Bills and Maintain Compliance?

Compliance Presentation 

  • Advanced Internal Auditing
  • But We’re the Government Too! Managing a Compliance Program When Others Don’t See the Need
  • Compliance Challenges for Private EMS Agencies in a Competitive Ambulance Marketplace
  • Five Things that are on the Government’s Compliance Radar
  • Get Your Medical Director Involved! A Key to Improving Compliance and Reimbursement
  • Health Care Reform – Will EMS Be a Winner or a Loser?
  • Health Care Reform and Accountable Care Organizations
  • Implementing an Effective Compliance Program in Your Ambulance Service
  • Leadership and Compliance – They Must Go Together
  • Leveling the Playing Field: Competing When Your Competitors Don’t Play by the Same Rules
  • Pricing and Discounting: The Law and Strategy Behind Setting Your Rates
  • The Top Ten EMS Compliance Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them
  • Three Times a Week: Avoiding the Compliance Pitfalls of Repetitive Patient Transfers
  • Where Compliance Meets QI: Implementing Compliance Performance Indicators
  • Write Your Compliance Plan Today
  • Your Compliance Hotline is Ringing: Effectively Handling Internal Compliance Complaints
  • Your Turn Under the Microscope? Responding Effectively to a Medicare Audit or Government Investigation

Dispatch Presentations 

  • Dispatch Law: What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You!
  • Effective Call Intake: The Front Door to Billing and Compliance

Documentation Presentations

  • Dealing with Documentation Conflicts
  • Documentation Skills Workshop
  • Dynamic EMS Documentation
  • How to Get Your Crews to Document Effectively
  • The Ten Best PCRs We’ve Ever Seen – And What Makes Them So Good
  • The Top Documentation Mistakes EMS Providers Make – and Supervisors Overlook

EMS Education Law Presentations

  • Avoiding Discrimination in EMS Education
  • Classroom Law: Instructional Liability in EMS Education

EMS Organizational and Business Presentations

  • Achieving Optimum Staffing for Your Billing Operation: Finding Your “Sweet Spot”
  • Alternate Revenue Sources: When Transport Revenues Alone Don’t Pay the Bills
  • Benchmarking Your Billing Operations: How to Determine if You’re On Target or Off the Mark
  • Bylaws, Boards, Members & More: Pitfalls in Managing the Non-Profit EMS Organization
  • Designing and Implementing an Effective Policy Manual
  • Engaging Key Stakeholders in Your Ambulance Service
  • Keeping the Competitive Edge Through Cost Analysis
  • How to Make ACOs Work for You
  • Legal Aspects of Disaster and Emergency Preparedness
  • Public-Private Partnerships in EMS: The Legal Cutting Edge
  • Ripped Off! Preventing Embezzlement and Internal Fraud in Your EMS Organization
  • Shedding Light on the Dark Side of Community Paramedicine – Competition, Reimbursement and Liability
  • The Ten Essential Qualities – What Really Guides the Effective and Respected EMS Leader
  • The Top Five “Relationship Problems” in the Marriage of Billing Company and Client – A Practical Counseling Session
  • They Still Don’t Get It! Turning Facilities into “Compliance Partners”
  • Three “Hot” Legal Case Studies and “Lessons Learned” for EMS Management
  • Writing and Negotiating Rock-Solid EMS Contracts

EMS Provider Liability Presentations

  • EMS Caught in the Crossfire: EMTALA and ER Diversions
  • EMS Law Case Studies: Liability in the Trenches
  • EMS Liability in Active Shooter Case
  • From the Hose Cart to the Courthouse: Liability Issues in the Fire Service of the 21st Century
  • Managing the Unthinkable: Responding to Patient Abuse Allegations
  • Nothing to Catch Here! Protecting Your QA Program from a “Legal Fishing Expedition”
  • The Liability of Apathy
  • Understanding EMS Law: Negligence, Consent, Refusals, Documentation and More!
  • What’s it Like on the Hot Seat? An EMS Mock Cross-Examination 

HIPAA Presentations

  • Advanced HIPAA for Ambulance Services: Tackling the High-Level HIPAA Concerns
  • Dealing with Requests for Patient Information from Law Enforcement, Attorneys, Family Members, Estates and Others
  • HIPAA Happenings: The Latest in Privacy, Security and More
  • The Heavy Hand of HIPAA: Gearing Up For the New Wave of Federal Privacy Enforcement
  • The New HIPAA Regulations – Are You Ready to Take Patient Privacy to a Whole New Level 
  • The Privacy and Security Risk Analysis: A Soup-to-Nuts Game Plan
  • You Say You’re Also the Privacy Officer?

Labor and Employment Law Presentations

  • Avoiding the “Bad Apple” Problem: Getting and Keeping Good People in Your Operation
  • Avoiding the Top Ten Human Resource (HR) Management Issues in Fire and EMS
  • Building Leaders From the Inside Out
  • Conducting the EMS Workplace Investigation: Ten Steps to Success
  • Discipline with Due Process: Preventive Practices in the EMS Workplace
  • Employment Legal Landmines in the EMS Workplace
  • I’m On Facebook All Day: So Hire Me Anyway!
  • Leadership Principles for Getting and Keeping Good People
  • Legal Pitfalls for EMS Supervisors
  • Managing the New Electronic Workplace – Social Media and Beyond
  • Managing Would-Be Whistleblowers in Your Workforce
  • Motivating the Generation X-er and Y-er in Today’s EMS Workplace
  • Paid, Volunteer or Both? The Legal Aspects of Compensating Your EMS Workforce
  • Pssst…Did You Hear Anyone Use the “U” Word?
  • Punched In or Punched Out? Dealing with On-Call Time and Other Issues
  • Sexual Harassment and Discrimination in EMS: We Still Don’t Get It!
  • Wage and Hour Law: Overtime Rules for EMS and Public Safety
  • Workplace Law Lightning Round: Recent Changes You Need to Know
  • Writing the Bullet-Proof EMS Personnel Handbook
  • You’re Not Treating Me Right! The Top Ten EMS Staff “Gripes” and How to Deal with Them

Mock Trial Programs

  • From Chart to Trial: EMS Documentation in Court
  • From the Console to the Courtroom: An Emergency Dispatch Mock Trial Program
  • The Elusive Pot of Golf at the End of the Rainbow: A False Claims Act Mock Trial for Ambulance Services

For more information on our presentation topics, length of presentations, and details, please click view the presentation catalog. For fee information, please contact Doug Wolfberg with questions or to schedule an event.

Onsite Training and Seminars

PWW Attorneys and Consultants can bring these programs directly to your front line and leadership staff with half-day, full-day, and multiple day seminars and instruction.  All of our topics can be tailored to meet your specific EMS agency needs, and you get the advantage of having our expertise available exclusively to your staff.  And, if our current list of topics is not exactly what you need, we can work with you to develop the program content that you want. 

 The Attorneys and Consultants of Page, Wolfberg & Wirth work with PWW Media, Inc. to host stellar educational events and provide innovative compliance solutions for the EMS Industry.

PWW Media Conferences

abc360® is the National Conference on Ambulance Revenue Cycle Management and Compliance that is produced exclusively for ambulance services, EMS organizations, ambulance billing companies, and others with an interest in ambulance reimbursement and compliance issues. It features the PWW Executive Institute, a pre-conference event, geared toward the educational needs of EMS Industry decision-makers.

PWW Media Products

PWW Media provides a full range of EMS Compliance Solutions - including books, manuals, compliance guides, video programs, and audio recordings on important EMS topics, such as HIPAA, billing, compliance and more. These products have been relied upon by thousands of organizations across the United States for their educational, training and business needs.


Update and Hot Topic webinar series are provided to keep PWW Media’s constituents current on timely issues affecting their day-to-day EMS operations.


NAAC® represents the industry’s “Gold Standard of Excellence” in compliance, ethics, and integrity in all facets of ambulance billing and coding. It offers an online certification program, as well as two on-site certification programs that are held in conjunction with the abc360® Conference and the PWW Executive Institute.