PWW Executive Institute

Survive | Thrive | Comply

The PWW Executive Institute (“XI”) is a high-level and intensive all-day workshop for EMS leaders, chiefs, HR managers, privacy officers, compliance professionals and others who want to see the Big Picture to identify critical industry trends.  

XI helps leaders spot industry trends from a high-level, and gives you the tools you need to shape your agency’s own future instead of waiting for external forces to shape it for you.  Position your agency to survive, thrive and reduce liability in the coming year.

Conference Highlights for the 2014-2015 Season:

  • New Mobile Integraeted Healthcare Track!
  • All new content!
  • Morning and Afternoon Breakout Sessions on Mobile Integreated Healthcare (MIH), Compliance, or HIPAA
  • Specific sessions tailored for EMS leaders, chiefs, HR managers, & compliance professionals

Position Your Agency to Survive, Thrive and Comply in the Coming Year.