Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Lengths - abc³⁶⁰ Virtual

PWW Media has announced that its Las Vegas and St. Louis abc360 conferences (including all NAAC certification courses) will not be held as in-person events, but will be held as live, real-time online events called abc360 Virtual.  As of now, our Clearwater Beach conference, scheduled for June, is still planned as an in-person event.  We will update you as the situation evolves.

Many of our conference attendees have expressed concern about obtaining their required continuing education hours, and having uninterrupted access to PWW’s up-to-the-minute content on important developments like CMS Ambulance Cost Data Collection, the ET3 rollout, new HIPAA compliance issues, and more.  At the same time, many have asked us to consider moving our events to online events so they can stay in their communities where they are needed during this challenging time.  So, abc360 Virtual became the solution. 

abc360 Virtual will cover all the content covered at an in-person abc360 conference.  Each session will be led by PWW attorneys and consultants, live, online and in real-time.  Attendees will receive all handout materials and documents.  Participants will have an opportunity for real-time, live interaction and Q&A with the PWW attorneys and consultants just as they would at a live conference.  In short, abc360 Virtual will provide the same educational content and interactive learning opportunities as our in-person events, but in this time of global health emergency, it means that attendees will not have to travel, stay in a hotel, or congregate in large crowds.  We believe this is the socially responsible thing to do in this time of national emergency.

Registration for the March 22-26 and April 5-9 abc360 Virtual events is still open, as is registration for the in-person Clearwater Beach conference to be held June 7-11.  To register for any of these events, CLICK HERE.

Like everyone else, we look forward to a return to normal and resuming our in-person events.  We appreciate everyone’s understanding and patience in these trying times, but our primary consideration must be the health, safety and welfare of our staff, our clients and customers, and the public. 

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