Hershey abc360 Registration Now Open – Featuring the Brand New CADS Course!

New “CADS” Documentation Course Being Launched at abc360 Hershey in October!

PWW Media – the nation’s leader in compliance education for the ambulance industry – is pleased to report that registration for the all-new Fall 2017 abc360 Conference at the Hershey Lodge in Hershey, PA October 21-25, 2017 is NOW OPEN! 

And we’re thrilled to announce that the Hershey event will include the first-ever offering of NAAC’s brand new Certified Ambulance Documentation Specialist™ (CADS™) course on October 23rd. 

CADS is the nation’s first documentation-specific certification course for EMS practitioners, supervisors, QA/QI officers, EMS leaders and others and the curriculum was specifically designed to facilitate high quality patient care, reduce provider liability, improve clinical narratives, facilitate accurate billing and improve EMS agency legal compliance.
If you are interested in the CADS course, we urge you to submit your abc360 registration promptly, as seating is limited and we anticipate heavy demand!  First come, first served!  

By registering early, you can also take advantage of the abc360 Early Bird pricing and receive complimentary abc360 Update Webinars throughout the year. 
abc360 is the nation’s leading conference on ambulance revenue cycle management and compliance.  For over a decade, thousands of ambulance industry billing, coding and compliance professionals have attended this fun and educational event in beautiful Chocolate Town, USA.   

The Fall conference is the kickoff for our all new 2017-2018 conference series, and includes all of the following events:

October 23, 2017
The all-new PWW Executive Institute (XI) – an intensive one-day preconference workshop for EMS leaders, managers, supervisors and compliance personnel – which takes a high-level look at industry leadership, compliance, HR, privacy, risk management and other topics.

 October 23, 2017

The first offering of the brand-new Certified Ambulance Documentation Specialist (CADS) course – designed for EMTs, paramedics and all clinical EMS field personnel – as well as compliance officers, QA/QI coordinators, billers, supervisors and EMS leaders – the nation’s first and only certification specifically in EMS documentation 

October 21-23, 2017

Certified Ambulance Coder course – the industry’s gold standard for billers, coders, compliance officers and others involved in the ambulance service revenue cycle

October 21-22, 2017

Certified Ambulance Compliance Officer course – the only compliance certification targeted specifically to the ambulance industry

October 21-22, 2017

Certified Ambulance Privacy Officer course – the ambulance industry’s only privacy and security compliance certification program

 October 24-25, 2017

The all-new national conference on ambulance revenue cycle management and compliance – designed for billers, coders, compliance officers, EMS leaders, supervisors and others – the nation’s largest and most practical ambulance industry reimbursement and compliance event.

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