NAAC Announces New Documentation Specialist Certification

NAAC is excited to announce their fourth EMS compliance-oriented certification, joining CAC™, CACO® & CAPO® - the Gold Standards of Ambulance Compliance Education

What Does The CADS Certification Offer?

Advanced documentation training and certification for EMS field providers - to improve a critically important element of your EMS operation.  While CADS is intended primarily for EMS practitioners, the program also benefits those involved in EMS and ambulance industry leadership, revenue cycle management, compliance, quality improvement and other support positions.  The arrival of CADS is a watershed moment for EMS in America to address the increasingly critical importance of accurate and complete patient care reporting.

Using the Documentation Skills from the NEW CADS Course will:

  • Facilitate High Quality Patient Care
  • Reduce Provider Liability
  • Enhance the Quality of the Clinical Narrative
  • Improve Billing Accuracy
  • Boost Agency Compliance

How Can I Become CADS Certified?

The first CADS certification program will be offered as a one-day live course, just prior to the abc360 conference in Hershey, PA on Oct. 23, 2017.  (Seating is limited, we anticipate heavy demand!  First come, first served!) The CADS course includes approximately 6 hours of instruction and a written final exam.

Click HERE for more detailed information about CADS.


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