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Hershey, PA—Hershey is known for being the sweetest place on earth.  But after the five-day abc360 conference at the Hershey Lodge Oct. 21-25, it is also on the map for rolling out the Certified Ambulance Documentation Specialist (CADS) course for the nation’s EMS industry.

The National Academy of Ambulance Compliance (NAAC) developed  the CADS course, which is the nation’s first documentation-specific certification course for EMS practitioners, supervisors, Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement officers, EMS leaders and others. The curriculum is specifically designed to facilitate high quality patient care, reduce provider liability, improve clinical narratives, facilitate accurate billing and improve EMS agency legal compliance.

“This is just the beginning of a good thing,” said PWW attorney Doug Wolfberg. “We see CADS becoming an onsite must-have course for all EMS agencies. CADS is a certification card that should be in the wallet of every EMT and paramedic in the nation.”

According to PWW attorney Steve Wirth, “The CADS certification course melds all the key aspects of EMS documentation – the operational, clinical, and reimbursement areas - into a compact program that provides a practical framework for improving patient care documentation,” he said.

The course is designed to be completed in 5-6 hours of course instruction, followed by a final exam. CADS is a lifetime certification with no annual recertification requirements. The short, but concise, nature of the CADS training sets a national “gold standard” for EMS documentation training for all EMS professionals.

“CADS is exactly what I expected and it covered in detail all aspects of creating a patient care report that can be used for billing, compliance and legal situations,” said Rachel Cornett, Chief of Staff at Jan-Care Ambulance.”   Over 98% of all participants in the inaugural CADS course would highly recommend this training to their peers, and many of the newly CADS-certified attendees are requesting additional CADS programs on-site at their agencies.

PWW and NAAC recommend that EMS agencies have all of their EMS field providers take the CADS course. Having providers with CADS credentials shows a true commitment to quality care and documentation as CADS can ultimately enhance the organization’s legal compliance efforts, reduce liability and improve the revenue cycle process.

Capitalizing on how to motivate, Alan Gaines, Director of Operations at Black River Ambulance, plans to incorporate CADS into his 28-year career in the EMS industry.  “CADS was well laid out, and it was quick, efficient and answered all the "unasked" questions,” he said.  “It is definitely necessary as it may help to get my fellow providers trained so they hear it from someone else besides me.”

If your agency would like to host a CADS program, contact us at . The course will also be offered as part of the Spring abc360 Conferences:

         March 20, 2018 – Las Vegas, NV - NOTE NEW LAS VEGAS DATE

         April 24, 2018 – Orlando

         June 5, 2018 –St. Louis