PWW will be providing regular “EMS Law COVID-19 Corona Updates” as these questions come in and we develop a response. The situation is changing hourly as new information comes in and the government issues various orders and guidance.

COVID-19 EMS Resources

PDF icon PWW Secure Remote Working SAMPLE Policy
PDF icon PWW Statement on Sharing COVID-19 Information and HIPAA
PDF icon OCR Guidance on COVID-19 Patient Information With First Responders
PDF icon Full Q&A from WEBINAR: Navigating the COVID-19 Issues Affecting the EMS Workplace
PDF icon Medicare Telehealth FAQs
PDF icon OCR BULLETIN: HIPAA Privacy and Novel Coronavirus
PDF icon OCR Notification of Enforcement Discretion for Telehealth
PDF icon CMS Coverage and Payment Related to COVID-19 Medicare – Including Emergency Ambulance
PDF icon CMS COVID-19 Emergency Declaration Health Care Providers Fact Sheet - Including Enrollment Waivers
PDF icon DOL: Families First Coronavirus Response Act: Questions and Answers
PDF icon CDC COVID-19 Guidance for Emergency Medical Services
PDF icon CDC COVID-19 Official ICD10 Coding Guidance COVID 19 - Updated 3.18.20

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Navigating the COVID-19 Issues Affecting the EMS Workplace

EMS1 Article:  Finally! Feds tell hospitals they may share information about COVID-19 patients with first responders

EMS1 PWW Article: Temporary CMS Changes Provide Needed Flexibility

PDF icon CDC ICD-10-CM Official Coding and Reporting Guidelines April 1, - September 30, 2020 
JEMS EMS Lawline Article:  Make Time for Family

EMS World Article: Will Telehealth Redefine Whether Ambulance Services Are Reasonable?

PDF icon PWW Signature Guidance for EMS Billing Personnel
PDF icon PWW Signature Guidance for EMS Practitioners
EMS1 Article: A hidden gem in the CARES Act that benefits ambulance services
File PWW Model Ambulance Signature Form COVID-19 Version 2.2-CV (Word)
PDF icon PWW Model Ambulance Signature Form COVID-19 Version 2.2-CV.pdfPDF icon PWW Model Ambulance Signature Form COVID-19 Version 2.2-CV (PDF)
CARES Act Relief Fund Terms and Conditions
EMS1 Article: You’ve seen the CARES Act stimulus payment, but did you see the strings?
PDF icon PCS Form Compliance During the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency
EMS World Article: It’s Time for the CARES Act Round 2 Stimulus Payments—Could You Be Left Out?
PDF icon CMS Ambulance Specific FAQs as of 05/01/2020
HRSA COVID-19 Uninsured Program FAQ
JEMS EMS Lawline Article: The Hidden Pandemic
PDF icon Clarification for Using the “CR” Modifier and “DR” Condition Code

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